Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Imagination Station

Lately it seems Emily's play is involving more and more pretend play. She stands at her kitchen banging her plastic pots and pans then says, "I'm making muffins" or hands me a tiny teacup and asks, "Would you like some coffee?"

She often uses random objects and pretends they are something else entirely. Lately she talks on the phone. Constantly. She sits at the table with her peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pretends to dial on the bread, then holds it to her ear to have an entire conversation that goes something like this...

"Hi! How are you today?"
"Are you having a sandwich?"
"Oh, OK. Bye! See you later!"

I'm dying at this point and could care less about the peanut butter she's smearing into her hair. Once she realizes I'm watching she becomes a little more reserved and starts to giggle. We laugh together and she says, "Mommy is being silly!"

Oh, Sweetheart... I'm not the one talking into my sandwich! I love this little girl.

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