Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Kids 101

It's been nearly a month since I've posted anything here... It's just one of the many things I wish I had time for that just doesn't seem to fit into the day. A friend of mine tried to prepare me for having two...

"You know that 10 minutes of the day that's just for you?? You don't get that anymore."

So true...

Both kids are sleeping at the moment and while I should be frantically getting ready for bed and lying down for 60 seconds before one of them wakes up (because that's just how Murphy's Law works) I'm choosing instead to write something. Quickly.

I'm still juggling away and actually finding a routine of sorts. I'm on a ridiculous allergy elimination diet for Jacob's sake. Pros: Jacob is a MUCH happier baby and I'm about 10 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. Cons: I can count the number of things I can eat / drink on two hands and wine is NOT one of them. Neither is coffee.

Which leads me to the lessons I've learned so far from having another baby...

1) I can justify a glass of wine at 10 a.m.
2) Pumping breast milk is FASCINATING to toddlers. Before I just felt like a dairy cow. Now I'm a dairy cow with an audience. Sweet.
3) Newborns and toddlers like to melt down at the exact same time. Then they get together and snicker about it. Or they would if Jacob could snicker.
4) Just because a trick worked for the first baby doesn't mean it will work for the second. Hair dryers and car rides were magical for getting Emily to sleep. Jacob acts like I'm torturing him when I put him in his car seat and the hair dryer is like a challenge and yes, he CAN scream louder.

Still learning. It's getting easier and I love my babies very much... Even when they're conspiring to send me over the edge. Do they make a low-allergen wine?? Just checking.