Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Should Write A Letter...

How many times have you heard this after sharing tales of bad service with others? I actually write them. Probably more than most people.

I've had enough success to motivate me to continue this habit... I received a free hotel stay, for example, after being given a dirty room, then a smoking room, then transported by shuttle (at midnight, no less) to a sister property where a 1st floor room covered in dog hair and a parking lot view awaited me. I've written letters every time I've been cited for speeding and have received at least a partial refund on every occasion (I just admitted to having multiple speeding tickets, didn't I?) TCBY gave me free yogurt after I found curly black hairs in my Very Berry Strawberry (Ew) as if I'd ever eat there again. At least they responded.

My point is that it often works. This is why I just finished a 2-page letter about a recent pony ride Emily had. I'll be honest... I'm angry because my kid was hurt. It was going so well until something startled Patches and he jumped, throwing my little girl into the air. She landed on her back and head dangerously near his hind legs. We're so lucky she wasn't seriously injured.

I've been around horses enough to know that this is always a risk. I was really cool about the whole thing and told the teen employee not to worry about it because Emily would be OK (after she finished crying hysterically, of course). She apologized and then said, "Patches is the skittish one. We just got him and I guess he used to be abused."


This is the point where cool went out the window. You let an abused pony with a history of being nervous and unpredictable give pony rides to toddlers?! The owner later denied this is true at all and became very defensive of her beloved Patches. The contradiction only made me more upset.

So I thought to myself, "You should write a letter..." And an e-mail. With a video attachment. I don't know if Patches will be kicked off of the pony ride circuit or if they'll re-examine the minimum age for rides, but it makes me feel better just knowing I've said what I wanted to say to people who might actually do something other than give me a refund and a popsicle. Although I do like popsicles... Maybe I should have mentioned that in my letter?

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  1. I am glad Emily didn't get hurt. Wow, that's just unacceptable...a skittish pony.