Monday, April 11, 2011

My Little Helper

We spent two hours at an OB appt. this morning. We arrived early and the doctor was running late, of course. Emily was a trooper and well-behaved up until the last 10 minutes or so when she tapped out. I really couldn't blame her at that point. Jason and I canceled our lunch plans to avoid a potential sassy-toddler-in-public scene. Not worth it.

Emily demanded I take her to a local play area. Not happening. Then she yelled that we NEED to feed ducks and geese. Yeah, right! I explained to her that I'm not taking a yelling, demanding little girl anywhere but home. She was not pleased. I picked up a salad from Wendy's and Emily requested a straw (whatever). I told her she could have one when she decides to be sweet. Suddenly my little girl was using her sweet voice and magic words as if nothing had happened. For a straw?!? Good grief.

Em spent the remainder of our ride home making letter shapes with her straw. "Look, Mommy! I made a V! And this is a W!" We passed a car accident and Em was briefly sidetracked by the flashing lights of the two police cars and ambulance helping those involved. Both cars were badly damaged and I explained to Em that the ambulance was there to help anyone who might be hurt. Emily said, "I need to help them."

"We've already passed them, Baby, but how did you want to help them?"

"We need to stop. I'll make them a W and that will make them feel better."

Emily, I take back all of the rotten thoughts I had while you were yelling in the car earlier. You really do have the sweetest little heart.