Friday, July 22, 2011

And baby makes FOUR!

I'm happy to announce that our baby boy is here! Jacob William was born on July 2nd following a relatively easy labor and delivery. He looks very much like Emily did when she was born minus the chipmunk cheeks and we love him very much. Em has been fantastic as a big sister aside from a few rough kisses on the head. She frequently wants to see "Baby Jacob's little baby hands" and is very much looking forward to teaching him how to eat an ice cream cone. Whatever.

I've been asked several times how Jacob is doing. I know there are babies out there who sleep really well from the get go (or so I've heard). These are easy going babies who are content and generally happy all of the time. I don't have those babies! Poor Jacob is struggling with the same reflux Emily has. When he's not sleeping, he's usually crying and we're trying everything we can to soothe him. We've started a trial of meds and I've given up dairy to see if that might help. Hopefully we'll see results in a week or so... Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I'm attempting to juggle two. Sometimes it works well and others I feel like a circus act gone wrong. On a good day (e.g., right now) I'm typing a blog entry, bouncing on an exercise ball, and enjoying a glass of wine while my fussy baby is strapped to my chest. A not-so-hot moment took place a few days ago when my son started pooping mid-diaper change. Without getting too graphic, you should know that nothing comes out of Jacob without an exceptional level of force and quantity. My hand was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Emily chose that exact moment to walk into the nursery bow-legged to announce, "Mommy, I pooped on my leg!" Of course you did. Moments like these I remind myself that God wouldn't give me more than I can handle. Then I start questioning whether he has me confused with someone else or perhaps he just gives me too much credit! Either way I'm pretty sure He was laughing at that moment. I know I was!

I'll let you know when my circus act goes on the road...