Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Mouth

Remember when make-up artists recommended lining the outside edge of your lips to make them appear fuller? And then that suggestion went away. I'm fairly certain this is largely in part to the fact that WE CAN TELL THOSE AREN'T YOUR LIPS!

This was going through my head while grocery shopping earlier this week. I must have been staring at the woman in the cereal aisle who missed the memo (we'll call her Lips) because she gave me one of those, "What!?" looks. I looked away and quickly turned to face the Rice Chex and Cinnamon Life (as if that's a tough decision).

It must have been the night before inventory was re-stocked because the shelves were practically bare and they were out of everything on my list! I think out loud when I shop with Emily. OK, so I think out loud all of the time when I'm with her, but I like to think it helps her language development. God knows she's as chatty as I am these days. At one point I said, "Sweets, We're having an unlucky shopping trip... This is annoying!"

Two aisles later we met up with Lips again. She was looking at top shelf shampoos and her cart was blocking the aisle (Hello!? I'd like to get to my shampoo, too!) Cue the toddler who repeats something Mommy said not even five minutes earlier.

"This is annoying!"

There haven't been many moments when my little parrot made me want to hide, but this was definitely one of them. What was I supposed to say? She didn't mean you... She's repeating something I said a few aisles ago -- Not when I saw you before, I mean... Forget it. I went with a simple, "I'm sorry." It was awkward and although I felt bad, I still couldn't stop staring at her mouth. Em cracks me up. I couldn't help but giggle as we ducked out of the store and I said, "Shoot! I still need shampoo!" I'll let you guess which part of that sentence Emily is repeating now. When will I learn??


  1. LOL And what have you learned? Never ever say ANYTHING in front of your child that you do not wish to have repeated....ever! ;)

  2. Great post. Kids will give you a run for your money that is for sure! Hopefully you won't ever see lips again. Or you might show up to church one Sunday and realize she is the newest toddler Sunday school teacher. Yikes!