Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's In A Name?

My mother came over yesterday to help me reupholster our dining room chairs. Em calls her Mimi and could be heard throughout the day saying her name.

"Mama, Are you talking to Mimi?"
"Where did Mimi go?"
"Mimi, Did you have fun at the fabric store?"

When I talk to my mother, I call her "Mom." Emily must have heard me call her that several times because at the dinner table last night she repeatedly said to me, "Mom? Mom. Hi, Mom."

I hated it!!!

Not only because I adore how it sounds when her sweet little voice says "Mommy" or "Mama," but I think of "Mom" as something reserved for older children. She's 2!!

Remembering how I handled the swear word she said earlier this week, I thought I'd go with the same tactic (why mess with something that works?)

"Mom.... Who is Mom? I don't know Mom..."

Emily looked at me, smiled, and said, "Jenny!"

Ach!!! Forget it. Call me Mom.


  1. Thankfully we're back to Mama & Mommy today. :)

  2. brandon and i call each other "babe" quite often and when we pulled in the garage the other nite and brandon's truck was gone, ava goes "where's babe?" ;)