Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"You're My Boy, Blue!"

About a week ago, Emily reached up to the counter and knocked down a bowl of her breakfast food while I was preparing it. Our Weimaraner, Blue raced in to devour the mess and ignored all of my attempts to stop him. What Blue doesn't know is that Emily's doctor has advised us to mix 1/2 teaspoon of Miralax (a laxative) into Emily's breakfast each morning. Not a good day for Blue.

Emily loves our dog. Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. We're pretty sure the only reason Blue tolerates Emily is because he knows he's not the one we'd choose to keep if there were ever a problem. The exception to this is during mealtimes. Blue's not supposed to eat people food. We fork out an absurd amount of money each month for a prescription dog food for protein allergies to avoid the onslaught of hives, hair loss, and digestive issues he experiences when he eats anything else. Tell that to a two year old! One of Emily's favorite pastimes is to sit in her highchair saying, "Don't feed Blue!" as she chucks bits of her meal overboard. Thanks, Honey.

I'll admit I don't try very hard to stop her. So much of what she does to Blue borders on animal abuse that I feel like the forbidden treats make up for it a little. In the last few days alone I heard myself tell her, "Please don't pour chocolate milk on Blue's head," "Baby, don't feed him plastic," and "I don't think Blue wants you to wash his face." He puts up with a lot.

Then again, so do we. Blue is the poster dog for why every pet owner should buy pet health insurance (the vet is on my Christmas card list). Nail trimmings require a prescription sedative, he whines incessantly the moment we put Em to bed (It's MY turn for attention!) and he's the only hunting dog on the planet who is afraid of feathers. What's wrong with this animal?! Looking back, we did tell the breeder we wanted a goofy family dog. We love him despite his needy and neurotic behavior. As long as he doesn't chew on our daughter, he gets to stick around.


  1. Definitely know what you mean with dogs and kids. Molly is very good with Jackson, as a matter of fact, Molly went to the vet last night and Jackson tried for 10 min to feed her a cookie. Jackson was screaming 'Molly eat cookie now!!!' while he tried to shove it in her mouth. The vet techs and I just laughed, the one time he wants her to eat a cookie she won't. Every other time we can't get Molly out for under the chair Jackson has meals in. It becomes a game when Jackson has a cookie too... lets see if Molly can catch me while we run around the island teasing her. Not so much fun and games when Molly knocks him over and takes the cookie. :-) But in the end what would life be like without dogs and kids?

  2. What would life be... Quiet? Seriously, it's total chaos. I wouldn't trade it for anything, though! :)