Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've Had Rosier Days...

I just poured what Jason referred to as a "healthy pour" of wine.  It's not even good wine.  It's good enough.  It does the trick.  I saw a great Pinterest pin yesterday that read, "Move over coffee...  This is a job for alcohol."  Exactly.

Jacob has Roseola which is just another way of saying this-baby-is going-to-seriously-test-your-patience.  He's not contagious, but he looks like a cross between someone affected by chicken pox and a full-body birth mark.  It's not pretty.  He's also angry.  And not even about things anyone should actually be angry about.  I can't get this cupboard to close?!  Then I'll slam it repeatedly!!!  You won't let me stand on your laptop?!?  Now I'm really ticked off!!!  I spent all day attending to his bouts of bucking and screaming.  Emily had more screen time today than she's had in a month.  I'm not proud.

Let's talk about Emily.  Emily must have asked me to play something or other with her 80 times today.  Every time I responded with, "I can't right now...  Jacob is (fill in the blank)."  Mostly he was just sucking the life out of me, but I'm pretty sure those weren't the words I used.  Fast forward to tonight when I told her we could take some cupcakes to her friends across the street.  I even used it as a bribe to get her to take three more bites of peas.  She only took two, by the way.  Noted.

Typically I have to do a lot of prep work with Em in terms of transitions. As we walk to the door I often say, "When Mommy says, 'It's time to go,' what does that mean?"  Emily:  "It's time to go."  Thank you.  Tonight the only thing I said was, "We're not going in.  We're just dropping these off because we don't want to intrude." Of course they invited us in.  Of course we went in.  We love them.

I'm an idiot.

Here's the real downfall of being a psych.  I can get seriously mad at my kids for misbehavior.  Not Jacob's...  He's sick.  He's excused.  Emily, on the other hand, was fairly high on my rotten behavior list this evening.  And then I remembered...  Kids are not inherently bad.  So, what did I do wrong?  I hate that.  I'm mortified.  I'm slightly embarrassed by her behavior, but more embarrassed by the fact that a) I didn't see this coming and (b) I didn't prepare for it.  Lame.

It doesn't take a degree in psychology to realize Em got ZERO attention today, was completely bored, super excited to see her friend, and ill-prepared for the transition of leaving.  I even made her walk home without a coat because hey... You weren't cooperating when it was time to put that on...  Natural consequence.  Mean??  Maybe.  Whatever.  I actually don't feel bad about that part.  It was a pretty embarrassing scene overall.

Jason:  "You didn't have a lot for dinner.  Can I get you something else other than fermented grapes?"
Me:  "Nope.  I'm good."
Jason:  "Maybe some chocolate chips?"
Me:  "Nope.  Ate those earlier."

It's just been that kind of day.  I had Bailey's in my coffee yesterday AND today.  Don't judge.  At least the family we visited tonight has two young children.  I apologized, but realized later that wasn't even necessary.  Anyone who has kids knows there are days when everything goes South and then THERE ARE DAYS.  I'm over it.  Mostly because I know there will likely be something else for me to feel guilty about tomorrow!