Friday, August 6, 2010

Princess Kisses

We have a new kiss in our house. The aggressive, bruising kisses are long gone and Emily is suddenly interested in open mouth kissing. With her tongue out. I blame Disney.

Albertson's had a display at the end of an aisle featuring all-things-princess this week (it's as if they knew we were coming). Emily just about jumped out of the cart when she saw a whole wall of shiny pink books with Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, and Sleeping Beauty smiling back at her. I made her choose two from the pile of eight we initially started with.

She can't get enough of them. My daughter can point to each character and tell you their names despite never having seen a Disney movie. She covered the dog in Cinderella stickers yesterday (he was not amused) and insists on singing Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty every chance she gets. This is shortly followed by, "Now Mommy sing it." She was not pleased when Daddy didn't know the words!

The two princess books are her new favorites. She stares at the pics of Ariel and Eric and tells me what's happening on each page. On the last page, they're kissing. It's a serious smooch and Ariel's mouth is slightly open. Emily immediately wanted to practice... "Mommy, Wanna kiss??"

Suddenly she's pressing her open mouth onto mine and I'm left tight-lipped trying to keep the toddler drool out! Oh, Ariel... What have you done??


  1. At least it took Em quite a while to learn the open mouth kiss. Gaius has been kissing his friends for a few weeks now, but only recently learned that he could use his tongue at the same time! Grossness!

  2. At age 2, my granddaughter used to lick everyone's face. I don't think that was a Disney Princess influence...more than likely from having 3 dogs in the house ;)