Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 going on 13

Around the holidays Emily frequently asked us to have a tea party at the dining room table. She'd pass out the plastic cups and say, "Let's cheers!" as she banged hers into ours. One day she and Jason were having tea while I sat behind them.

Emily: "Mommy, Do you want to have tea with us?"

Mommy: "Maybe in a few minutes."

Emily: "Well, Hi there, Mr. Scrooge!"

What?! Who knew a toddler was capable of sarcasm?? I have no idea where she got this. She's never seen Scrooge. We've never even talked about Scrooge. But this isn't the first time she's given me a little bit of attitude. I've been shushed. I've even been told to "Cool it!" (I'll admit she got that last one from me) I recently took away a spoon at brunch when she was being too noisy with it and she very calmly said, "Well, Waaa." Who is this sassy toddler? Stupidly, I laughed. I'll be hearing that one again for sure.

She's still my sweet little girl, but Emily is definitely testing the waters with some new material. We're just trying to stay one step ahead of her by coming up with new material of our own. At dinner recently Jason read the menu to her. "Please be sweet and use quiet voices in this restaurant." A little boy behind us threw a fantastic tantrum and we told her, "He must not have read the menu." I figure we can get away with this for at least a few more years. If it means less attitude, I'm all for it.