Monday, July 12, 2010

San Francisco Days, San Francisco Nights

We're back! What an amazing trip and a much needed break from toddler tantrums and crazy neighbors setting off illegal fireworks directly over our home. These are the same neighbors, mind you, who burned their house down a few years ago. My pyro neighbors are blasting rap music from their car stereo at this very moment (during Em's naptime, of course). Having had a break from it all, though, I'm only half as annoyed as I would have been last week. It was wonderful to have some alone time with Jason and I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I also feel 10 pounds heavier, but it was totally worth it.

Friday night we had our anniversary dinner at Acquerello. The highlight of our 4-course meal was a ridged pasta with foie gras, black truffles, and a Marsala wine sauce! They gave us a few complimentary treats and champagne to help us celebrate our special occasion. We brought a bottle of 2004 Archery Summit Estate -- Yes, we're that couple -- and I'm so glad we did since it was incredible with the parmesan budino and Jason's melt-in-your-mouth fillet. Are you drooling yet??

The whole evening was an extravagant and upscale affair right up until I walked out of the bathroom with my cocktail dress tucked into the back of my underwear (sigh). Thankfully I noticed before strutting across the restaurant to our table and at that point I'd had enough wine to find the whole thing hysterical. Almost as amusing as the grown men giving each other long, slow bunny kisses at the table behind us (seriously!)

We packed the days and nights with tourist attractions, amazing dining, a comedy show, and dancing until well past midnight. It was great not having to worry about racing home to the sitter or getting Emily back home for her nap. With that said, I really missed my little girl! I'd see small children at the Ferry Building market or pointing to the sea lions and I'd think how much fun it would be for her. Then again, an occasional break makes us a much better couple and better parents. If we could do it all over, I wouldn't change a thing. That's not true... I wouldn't feel the need to FINISH all four courses. Lesson learned. It's great to be home!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip and a wonderful time was had by all. It's so good to take time out just for you and hubby :)

    Yummers on the food, thank goodness you aren't on the Swanky anymore ;)