Monday, February 28, 2011

Wild Ride

What a week of highs and lows! We finished our preparations and put our house on the market (high)! I had an eval planning meeting where the mother yelled at me... in Turkish (low). We got an offer on our house in just 3 days (high)! My friend's mother received a scary medical diagnosis (low). Our buyer changed their mind (low). My friend at Sarandipity Sweets made the incredibly generous offer to donate a portion of March sales to the MS Walk on behalf of my team (super high)! My friends from college are coming for a girls' weekend (another high)! An emotional roller coaster such as this is probably not great for my health. Not so much because I'm pregnant, but because it leads to the consumption of far too many Girl Scout cookies. I've decided Thin Mints don't count, so I shouldn't feel too guilty... yet.

At this point I'm still feeling optimistic and smiling from my last two highs. Sara is my very talented best friend from 2nd Grade who operates Sarandipity Sweets. She makes adorable cake pops that taste AMAZING!! There's nothing cuter than a tiny cupcake on a stick and Sara lets you choose the colors, flavors, etc. If you happen to have an occasion to purchase these in the month of March (birthday, baptism, St. Patrick's Day, etc.) I'd love you for it! I can't get enough of them and am already making plans to order some this month. If you're still recovering from the Valentine's Day sugar overload, but would still like to make a contribution you can do so on our Team Home Page. The "J-Walkers" are growing steadily and making great fundraising gains for the National MS Society. I'd love for you to walk with us in Portland on April 9th and would appreciate any support you can give to this important cause!

As a side note, those cake pops freeze beautifully. Feel free to order in March and eat in April. I may have to do that if this wild ride continues... I doubt my Girl Scout cookies will last that long!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh Boy...

The past month has been a whirlwind... Our house goes on the market this week, so we've been frantically packing boxes to take to storage, updating the Master bathroom, touching up paint, and doing the really fun deep cleaning (think dusting mini blinds and scrubbing floorboards). I've been wearing a combo scent I call Eau de Windex / Soft Scrub / Pledge. It's pretty hot. On top of this, I increased my hours at work from 4 hours per week to 20, registered Emily in a preschool for Fall, and Jason and I have been working with our bank and a great builder in preparation for building a house! My head is spinning from all of the craziness, but it's a GOOD kind of crazy. That helps.

I'm finally feeling like I'm on top of things, which is nice. I'm also super excited because Jason and I learned a few days ago that WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!

For two days I've told Em that there's a baby boy in my belly instead of the girl we all thought it might be. The first time I broke this news didn't go so well.

Mommy: "Emily, Mommy is going to have a baby boy!"
Emily: "No, It's a girl."
Mommy: "No, Honey, It's a boy. You're going to have a little brother!"
Emily: "Nooo... I think it's a baby pig."
Mommy: "What? No pig. It's a boy, Sweetheart."
Emily: "Is it a cow in your belly?"
Mommy: "What are you saying?"
Emily: "I think it's a goat."

Today we had a similar conversation with the addition of kitty cat and dog. Apparently Emily is convinced this baby is a girl, pig, cow, goat, cat or dog. Most certainly NOT a baby brother. This is the beginning of a beautiful sibling relationship, don't you think?

I asked Emily for name suggestions. She likes "Pink." Jason isn't helping. Tonight he suggested "Maverick." I told him it's not happening. He said, "So, I suppose Ice Man is out?" My daughter is convinced I'm having a farm animal and my husband wants to name our son a Top Gun character. The craziness continues...