Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long, 2010!

Happy New Year! We have big plans to stay home and maybe watch the ball drop on TV... No promises, though.

Emily has big goals for 2011 (or maybe I made them up for her... Whatever). This year she's going to conquer potty training, move into a big girl bed, and replace "No!" with "No, Thank you." I'm fairly certain I've passed the 500th time of making her say it that way and yet... Perhaps 2011 will be the magic year for that.

Jason likes to stick with the same resolutions each year -- "I will start smoking and gain 50 pounds." At the end of the year he acts disappointed in his inability to keep his resolutions yet AGAIN and says he'll try harder next year.

My only resolution is to NOT gain 50 pounds with this pregnancy. It was kind of a pain to lose last time around. I did it, but it wasn't fun. It would really help if Burgerville didn't put some kind of crack cocaine in their cheeseburgers... I can't seem to get enough of them lately! I blame the baby.

2011 is sure to be an exciting year -- We'll welcome a new baby to the family, Emily will begin preschool, and we may be moving to a single-level home to make things easier. We won't remember months of it due to newborn-induced sleep deprivation, of course. I'll be sure to take pics so I can try to remember later what exactly happened during those first few months -- likely all kinds of things I swore I wouldn't do (again).

Here's wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2011!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And Baby Makes Four!

I have a confession to make... I've put on a few pounds. I'm also kind of an emotional roller coaster and frequently ask Jason to stop on his way home for whatever it is I feel like I MUST have that day (e.g., tater tots, peppermint ice cream -- not together). This can only mean one thing, of course. I'm pregnant!

I'm 14 weeks and due July 1st. Jason and I are excited, although there are times when the dog is racing around the house, Emily is throwing a tantrum, and I say, "Hey! Wouldn't it be fun if we also had a newborn?" and then we both laugh because that is just CRAZY! A friend of ours sent a card when Em was born that simply said, "Life gets interesting now." We just signed up for a whole new level of chaos, didn't we?

Luckily, I'm feeling much better as far as my MS symptoms are concerned. Many pregnant women with MS have few (if any) relapses and even notice that symptoms are often alleviated. I'm happy to say I'm one of these women! Unfortunately I traded them for a bad case of morning sickness.

I've been really bad about keeping up with this blog because I've spent most of my time in one of two positions -- lying down or on my knees in the bathroom. Who on earth decided to call it "morning sickness?" It certainly doesn't seem to mind coming around midday or even as late as 11 p.m. I'm told I sound like a cross behind a dying sea lion and a camel being choked to death. Awesome. It does seem to be getting better, though (Thank God!)

We've asked Emily lately if she wants to be a big sister. Some days she says, "Yes" and others she tells us, "No." I'm hoping the baby is born on a "yes" day. We've also asked her for name suggestions. Her vote is with "Pom Peyow" or "Kung-Cha." (?!) She likes to tell me there's a baby in my belly and spent a good 10 minutes staring at my belly button the other day and asking repeatedly, "Where's the baby?" She's done waiting. I have a feeling when the baby comes she's going to ask me to put it back.

My apologies to those of you I haven't seen in a while -- We did the obligatory first three months of hiding and, of course, some of you were on to us right away. I suppose it's not like me to turn down a glass of wine, is it? My abdominal muscles seem to have a great memory because I look about a month ahead of schedule. There's no hiding it now! 6 months to go... Let the countdown begin!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"He knows if you've been bad or good..."

It's no secret my daughter has a flair for the dramatic. I like to pretend she gets that from Jason. We recently caught her practicing her fake cry when she thought we weren't watching. I was thrilled to catch it on video and it's since become her most requested clip ("Can we watch Emily Upset?") She smiles while watching her Oscar-worthy performance. The smallest things are SO exciting / upsetting / shocking that most of her expressions these days involve throwing both hands up to her cheeks. The Elf on the Shelf is no exception to this.

For those not familiar, the Elf on the Shelf is a great little trick that undoubtedly was created by a mom. A little red elf watches the kids to see if they're being good as Christmas nears. At night, he supposedly returns to the North Pole to tell Santa. He returns the next morning in a new hiding spot -- the fun factor of every morning routine. This morning Emily found him atop the refrigerator and shouted (hands on cheeks), "Oh my Goodness! I found him! I found the Elf!" She later informed me that she was eating her sandwich "so the Elf will tell Santa." Awesome. Can I get a Valentine Elf? Then perhaps an Easter Elf? This little guy is truly magical. Even when we're not at home I find myself saying, "I can't wait to tell the Elf about today! Let's use our inside voice in the store so he can tell Santa." She lights up and says, "O.K.!" (hands to cheeks, of course).

My little drama queen has been very, very good. I like to think this can be attributed to her sweet demeanor, loving parents, and consistent discipline, but let's be honest... There's a significant Elf Factor here. I'll take it!