Saturday, May 29, 2010

Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow

I'm raising the ultimate procrastinator. She's truly amazing at stalling when it comes to bedtime or anything that requires her to stop playing (meals, for example). We have a consistent bedtime routine that always ends with the same book (Goodnight Moon) and the same lullaby (Stay Awake from Mary Poppins). Last night we read several books from the library and then I reached for Goodnight Moon. Em quickly grabbed the book and threw it across the room! We retrieved it together and I began reading. She closed the book three times yet when I began to put it away she suddenly wanted to read it. After we finished I turned the light off and began singing. She literally put a hand over my mouth. Does she really think she won't have to go to bed if I can't sing the song?? I laid her in her crib and then the requests began.

"You already had some water."

"Beeper?" (her name for the pacifier)
"It's in the crib."
"Yellow beeper."
"Alright, but then it's bedtime."

"Purple beeper??"
"Seriously!? Goodnight, Emily!"


Here's where she pulls out the big guns. Mommy is a sucker for a hug and she knows this. I gave her one last hug and she immediately said, "No, a bear hug!" Cute. So, one last bear hug.

"Bunny kiss?"

Who is this kid?!? So much for getting to bed on time. I have to admit that I find this routine pretty entertaining. Plus, I get a lot of extra hugs these days.


  1. Too cute!!! I can't wait until Avery is asking for hugs!

  2. My favorite part about her hugs is the fact that she usually pats or rubs my back (like we do to her). I love it! :)