Thursday, May 20, 2010

Got Meds?

I realized last night that I take 91 pills each week. How crazy is that? Jason likes to joke that I need one of those weekly medicine organizers that I've only ever seen in pharmacies and my grandmother's house. Those tiny little slots are hardly large enough. With that many pills, I'd be looking at a Tupperware and duct tape contraption with the days of the week written in Sharpie. Very classy. I think I'll just stick with the bottles.

I'm a little nervous about how to explain all of this to Emily when she's older. Why does Mommy give herself shots? What does it mean to have Multiple Sclerosis? I have a hard enough time explaining this to adults. I do my injections after her bedtime and keep the bio-hazard box out of her reach. At some point I'll need to figure out a locked space to store all of my meds. Seeing as how she opened a child-proof baby oil container the other day (and succeeded at getting it all over both of us), I'm not convinced that pill bottles are made for adults only. If a toddler can do it, how hard can it be?? I had a harder time getting Emily's grocery cart buckle undone at the store today and came moments away from cutting the straps to free my overtired toddler. They should put those on the bottles.

I've been really lucky so far with my symptoms. They're annoying, but they're hardly disabling. If my biggest problem is worrying about whether Emily can open dangerous bottles, I'm thankful. I'm open to suggestions for how to remove baby oil as well.


  1. Hi dear friend! Glad that you are blogging, it will be so fun to keep up with you this way.

    I think you need one of those locked, computerized pill dispenser thingies Dr. Oz showed on Oprah the other day (it was probably an old episode since I saw it here in Africa). It would be like your own bar coded pharmacy!

    I think Emily will handle all of the pill information like a pro. Even my little Lucy got the concept of weekly malaria pills at 3 and it's just a part of our family routine now.

    For the baby oil....Dawn dish soap?

  2. 91 pills a week! That is a lot. I'm guessing you have a very good system for keeping it all straight.

  3. 7 is the a.m. and 6 before bed. Didn't seem like a big deal until I figured out the weekly total! :}

    Anne, I'm totally going to Google the Dr. Oz pill dispenser rec... And I'll try Dawn, too!