Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Every mother has a birth story. I'd heard some horrendous ones while pregnant with Em (why do people do that?!?) and was absolutely terrified of labor and delivery.

We went out for a nice Italian dinner the night before my induction. Around midnight, Jason awoke with obvious signs of food poisoning. Two hours later my contractions began (so much for the induction) and my poor husband felt as lousy as I did! Thankfully, his Pepto Bismol and my epidural worked right away and the rest was a cake walk. We told jokes. We played 80's music on the iPod. I had to ask if I was having contractions because I honestly didn't know. After one hour of pushing, our gorgeous, healthy little girl was born. We were elated.

I realize I had it easy. A friend of mine had a baby and later told me how bitter she was when she couldn't walk for 12 days. As she was wheeled from the delivery room to have her emergency C-section, she turned to her husband and said, "Jenny said 80's music and jokes!!!" Apparently, I'm a big liar.

I can't believe that was two years ago. Little did I know that it wasn't the delivery that I should have been afraid of, but the newborn phase. Those first 6 weeks were wonderful and insanely difficult! I distinctly remember thinking, "People put themselves through this more than once?? On purpose???" Just when I felt like I knew what I was doing, it was time to start solids. I'm finding that's how it goes -- The moment I get cocky, we reach a new stage that I know NOTHING about. Sure enough I notice I'm feeling pretty confident lately. Lo and behold Emily woke us up this morning by standing in her crib and yelling, "Stinky pants!" I get it. Once she's aware of needing to be changed, it's probably time to start potty training. So... how on earth does that work?!

I'll worry about it tomorrow. Today, we eat cupcakes!


  1. 80's music and Jokes??? and one hour!!?? I can only pray for that. I have an appointment for the doctor to try and flip my little one so she goes head down... I know that's NOT going to be comfortable or painless.


  2. I have several friends who had it easy as well! Hopefully you'll be one of them. Good luck with the flip!! :)

  3. Hilarious!!!! I'm bookmarking your blog! I only pushed for 20 min, but the induction did take about 40 hours. :P