Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Born Again Toddler

Emily has a habit lately of narrating every aspect of our day. "That's a yellow bus. That's a purple flower. That's the number 5." It's cute in a Chatty Cathy kind of way (I have no idea where she gets that). Today in the grocery store we passed the deli meats and cheeses and she suddenly belted out, "Ooooh... CHEESES!" Say this repeatedly and you'll get an idea of what my daughter sounded like as we rolled by the Kraft and Oscar Meyer products. "Oh, cheeses! Ooooh, cheeeeeses!" Once she finds something amusing, I can't get her to stop. It sounded so much like she was yelling, "Oh, Jesus!" that I found it fairly embarrassing. I tried to ignore the behavior (why doesn't that ever work with my kid?!) and meanwhile all of the other shoppers in the store were staring wide-eyed as my daughter had some sort of religious experience in the grocery cart. There's a cashier we usually try to avoid when we shop here. We'll call her Crazy. Even Crazy was staring. I truly think that my best parenting asset is a sense of humor. Every day is an "I Love Lucy" marathon with my born again toddler. It's much better to laugh and enjoy the show than to try to control the madness. Praise Cheeses!

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  1. Haaaaaaaaaa, this is AWESOME. And it totally made my Friday morning - thank you ♥