Tuesday, March 12, 2013

School is Now in Session

Lessons from Emily:

1.  Toilet water is fun to play with.
2.  It's possible to eat nothing but fruit for an entire week.
3.  The value of something increases exponentially when a brother has it.
4.  Tantrum memory lasts 5 seconds.  I'll be over it long before you recover.
5.  You'll do everything you said you'd never do.
6.  I don't care.  You're a superhero in my eyes.
7.  You will love me more than you thought possible.

Lessons from Jacob:

1.  Toilet water is fun to play with.
2.  A blueberry fits perfectly in a toddler nostril.
3.  Bathroom drawers may be used as a step ladder.
4.  Things with wheels are awesome.
5.  Private parts are even MORE awesome.
6.  You can hold me while making a PB&J for my sister.  Superhero status confirmed.
7.  You will love me more than you thought possible.

The biggest surprise lesson has been in the area of character education. I thought I would always be the teacher, of course.  We saw a woman crossing the street the other day with a baby in a stroller and (gasp!) a toddler sitting astride the attached overhead shade.  He held on for dear life while she pushed the wobbly contraption across the busy street.

Em:  "That is a cool stroller!"

Mommy on her high Mommy horse:  "Well...  That's not how it was made to be used.  The little boy up top isn't buckled in.  He could fall and get hurt.  That's not a seat and it's not safe for them to use it like that.  Especially crossing a street!"

Em:  "I guess they don't have a stroller with two seats."

(Gulp) She's absolutely right.  The young mother is doing the best she can with what she has.  I can't believe my 4 year old knows this and I was readily passing judgment.  I told Emily she was right and that I had forgotten that people generally do the best they can.  What a great reminder.  My other little teacher had a lesson for me that day as well:  Smashing bananas into your hair can be used to signal a meal is over.  All this time I've been doing it wrong!

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