Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Imaginative Play FAIL

I think I was a pretty imaginative child.  I spent hours daydreaming from a cherry tree branch while singing Carpenters songs when I was little.  In my head I was high above the ground, but I was also a ridiculously short kid.  Practically a munchkin.  It was probably four feet.  I realize now that my imagination didn't hold a candle to Emily's.

I put Jacob down for a nap today and came out to find Em laying on her stomach behind the sofa.  I laid down beside her and whispered, "What are we doing?"

"We're hiding from Coco.  He's a monster."

"Ooooh...  Where is he?"

"He's in the kitchen.  He's really big and do you hear that?  His voice is green."

"Impressive.  I didn't know you could see a voice."

"We're pretending."

"Right.  Ooooh!  I have an idea.  We'll wear my invisible cape so he won't see us!"

"Good idea.  And we'll need to say something to scare him away."

"I've got it.  Ooga-booga-Coco-be-gone!"

"How about we just say, 'Boo.'"

She may as well have said, "Mommy, This is not that hard.  Try to keep up."

We tip-toed from behind the sofa and Em continued the elaborate tale that involved Miss Muffett (who apparently knows sign language), a treasure, a witch, and an unknown Disney princess named Giselle.  She insisted I play the part of the witch (noted).

"And my name is Sensashanah."

"Alright, Sensashanah."

"No...  SHENsashanah."

"OK.  Shensashanah."

"ShensaSHAAAnah.  You can just call me Violet."

At this rate I may be asked to sit the next one out.  You're clearly better at this than I am, Violet.  Be patient with me.  I promise to try harder tomorrow!

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