Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

Em asked if we could play Cinderella the other day.  She told me SHE would be Cinderella "because I'm the beautifulest."  Ouch.  It's a fine line to walk when you're trying to promote your kid's self-esteem while trying NOT to teach her that self-worth is found in appearances.  I tend to catch myself, but typically only after I've already blown it.

"You're such a pretty girl!!  And SMART!  You're SO smart.  Which is so much more important.  And your imagination is fantastic.  And you're great at problem solving!  You could be a scientist.  Or an astronaut!  Or president!!  I should stop now."

I'm not worried about Em's self-esteem at all.  Mine, on the other hand, may start slipping if Emily keeps noticing things while I'm getting ready in the mornings.

"What are those lines on your belly?"

Stay calm.  Totally normal.  I'm proud of carrying two babies.  Let her know this is no big deal.

"When Mommies carry babies in their bellies it stretches the skin WAY out.  Some more than others. me.  So, it stretches.  And those are called stretch marks."

Em looked thoughtfully at my stomach.

"What about the line on your forehead?"

Awesome.  She's asking about a wrinkle.  That's super.

"When people get a little older they sometimes get wrinkles on their faces."  Em then informed me she doesn't want to get old.  Or have babies.  I obviously missed the mark on the whole this-is-all-very-normal-and-beautiful message.

"Why is your bottom bigger than mine?"

And that's when I kicked her out of my bathroom.  I can only take so much!

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