Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Miss Shares Too Much

Kindergarten students are my favorite.  Every year they crack me up and this year is no exception.

During an assessment where I asked a student how milk and water are alike, a little girl made a gesture with her hand as if she were drinking from a cup.  You don't get points for that, but I was curious if she could eventually get there with some prompting.

Me: "OK.  Can you use your words and tell me what that means?"

Kid:  (Stands up and staggers around my office) "I'm SO drunk!"


Me:  "Umm...  Where did you hear that?"

Kid:  "My Dad says that.  He drinks beer."


Next sweet Kindergarten moment happened last week while talking with a student about his home life.

Kid:  "My mom makes weird noises."

Me:  "What do you mean?"

Kid:  "At bedtime.  She makes lots of weird noises."

Me:  "Hmm..  Are you saying you're worried about her?"

Kid:  "No...  Her boyfriend says I just need to knock before I come in."


All of you parents think it's middle school and high school you need to fear...  Au contraire, mon ami.  Fear the 5 year old!!  They share EVERYTHING and they have no idea they're doing it.  Your 5 year old makes my work day so much more entertaining.  The downside is that my daughter turns 5 in May.  I'm in so much trouble.


  1. I'm a pediatric nurse and if I could disclose what I hear on a daily basis... well parents would bind and gag their kids until they'd send them off to college. (And I'd be rich from the blackmail - Just kidding!) Kids have no sense of what we find inappropriate which is WONDERFUL because they have no shame which is SUPERB because parents haven't yet made them feel guilty for things that things that are perfectly normal! I LOVE talking to little kids! They're so honest and refreshing and there's no filter! Of course, sometimes it's heartbreaking because they're so honest and there's no filter and that's why I'm seeing them... I choose to focus on the days that I go home cracking up instead of the days that I go home weeping. It's only a matter of time before she realizes WHY her mom is making noise and she has to knock at the door and she's completely mortified... so embrace the innocence while you can. It changes in the blink of an eye for some kids - literally and figuratively.

  2. I bet you hear much more than I do! I know I tell my kids that it's OK to tell me anything -- And their doctor. The peds office is a safe place to share! I agree with you... There are definitely sad days. Better to focus on the funny moments for sure. I work with elementary students partially because I LOVE just how honest they are! :)