Monday, February 11, 2013

How Embarrassing!

The word of the day on Sesame Street today was "embarrassed."  Em asked me at dinner for examples of times I have felt embarrassed.  I told her, "Take a bite of veggies.  I'll give you a story for each bite."  I immediately realized two things...

1)  I'll do anything to get this girl to eat vegetables and

2)  Most of my embarrassing stories are NOT child-friendly stories.  Quick...  Think...


One time in high school I went to the hair salon and asked for a 'Rachel' haircut.

Jason:  "Wow.  That IS embarrassing."

Thanks.  So, I asked for the 'Rachel' haircut, but left with a really awful mullet.  Clearly she was the only person to never have watched "Friends." 

Bite.  "Another!"

I came up with several stories.  I wore two different shoes.  I backed into a trailer in front of our house.  Vet visit that turned ugly.

Jason:  "There was that time you went to work and forgot to wear pants."

That didn't actually happen, by the way.  Too late.  My 4 year old was HYSTERICAL at the thought of it.  I think it falls under the preschool-no-pants-underwear-humor category.  Awesome stuff.

I'm trying to appear human in the eyes of my daughter.  I do embarrassing stuff.  All my embarrassing stuff was purely the result of miscommunication, forgetfulness, dumb luck and NEVER because we polished off a 3 liter bottle of wine before the dance even started.  Now that would be embarrassing!


  1. Mention anything about undies, boogers, poop, and toots, and you will have that child in stitches, and she will think you are a very cool mom.

    And to beat the veggies refusal, puree them all and hide them in food she loves!

  2. So true!! We have to have a rule about "bathroom words." They can be said as much as you want -- in the bathroom. You'd be amazed how many silly jokes she can come up with in the time she's in there!