Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everyone's an Expert

"What is that?"
"What is the boy doing?"
"What is she holding?"
"What are those?"
"What do you have?"

This goes on all day. I'm pretty sure we're a few shorts months away from the "Why?" phase. You know you're jealous! I try to answer most of Emily's questions or ask her to tell me the answer. It's fun in a slowly-losing-my-mind kind of way.

We had someone over last week to get rid of an annoying mole who recently moved into our backyard. I was pointing out the damage when Em's rapid fire questions began. "Shhh... Mommy is talking, Sweetheart. Just a second, OK?" Mr. Mole then said, "You know... You should really answer every one of her questions."

Really?? Thanks... I was hoping you could give me some parenting advice while you were here. Perhaps I can give you some mole trapping suggestions?? Or not... Whatever.

I wish I had the guts to actually say something like this, but I tend to just roll with it when random people give unsolicited parenting advice (why do they do that!?) Mr. Mole went on to tell me about his gifted children and how his 5-year old son once pointed out a cloud shaped like Indonesia. Apparently I should buy Emily a globe for Christmas. Because that's a cool toddler toy.

Back inside, Emily had been saving up all of her questions for me beginning with, "Who is that?"

"That is someone who knows a lot of things... About moles." So there.

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  1. Haaaaaaa - a cloud shaped like Indonesia!! Because it's infinitely better to recognize country shapes than to understand manners and rules about interrupting people? Yes, I'm sure that skill will take the child far in life.