Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go, Team, Go!

The J-Walkers are on a roll with fundraising... Our team of 26 has raised $7,875 to date with 16 days to go until our MS Walk. I have to admit I'm beginning to get a little anxious about being able to walk a 5K!

The past month has been more than a little nuts. The combo of increasing work hours and speed cleaning our house every few days so a potential buyer can walk through is beginning to do a number on my body. After a few blocks of walking, my legs are weak and each step becomes challenging. Most days I can count on making it about 3/4 of the way up our staircase before I need use both rails for support. The shift (and gain) of pregnancy weight is certainly not helping! If I'm panting after climbing the stairs, how on earth am I going to walk a 5K?! I think the answer is very slowly. I'll be the one starting at the front of the crowd and finishing at the end after several bench breaks. If I have to take a short-cut at some point, I won't beat myself up over it. I totally take back all of the jokes I made last year when I saw a group make a beeline for the finish before the last stretch!

No matter what, I'll be there. I have a fantastic team of friends and family walking with me. Many of them have made generous contributions themselves along with all of the support we've received from others. Sara at Sarandipity Sweets is still taking orders for 7 more days of J-Walker fundraising (a portion of proceeds will benefit the National MS Society on our behalf). She even let me write a guest post to tell my story. Thank you, Sara and thanks to everyone who has so kindly supported the J-Walkers in our fundraising efforts! Fingers crossed for sunshine on April 9th!!

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  1. You're going to kick major bootie, I just know it! Plus, I guarantee that everyone within 20 feet of you you will be incredibly inspired ♥

    (If nothing else, you'll put the morning junk food, drive-thru people to shame by being preggers with MS doing a charity walk, lol.)