Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Silly Mommy

I don't think I realized how much singing the Mommy job requires. I sing constantly. We have a clean up song. A brush your teeth song. There's even a potty training song! Tonight ended with a bedtime request for Beauty and the Beast. Four times. I don't even know the words, so I just sing the chorus over and over and make up the rest along the way.

Then there's the dancing. We do kicks, jazz hands and hair flips. I like to throw in a few 80's classics (sprinkler, anyone?) hoping she'll add them to her routine. Every day Emily asks, "Mommy, Wanna play dress up?" She always wants me to wear the big floppy black hat and doesn't understand why I won't put on the tutu. I tried once. I won't do it again. We have tea parties and I rave about the pretend cupcakes she serves. I ask her doll, Marabelle what she wants to wear / read / eat because lately Emily insists I ask her as well. Marabelle wanted to wear the gold heels today. Good choice, Marabelle. I was cooking dinner when Emily decided she wanted to show us her "bee-bo" (belly button). Then she wanted Daddy to show his. Now Mommy.

I look back on my day of singing, dancing, dress up, flashing my bee-bo, and realize I'm so very thankful for two things....

1) I get to spend my days with my hilarious little girl doing all of the silly things that make her smile and

2) The blinds were closed.

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  1. Isn't it great fun though! There is an inner child in all of, waiting for the next play day.