Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Save a Kitten (Use a Kleenex)

Emily brought me a present yesterday. She cupped it in her hand as she walked into the kitchen and said, "Here, Mommy!" Before I could figure out what she had, she had wiped it into my open palm and run off to play again. I looked down and realized she had taken something huge and slimy from her nose and decided I should have it. Ew. What's more, she didn't exactly do a clean job of nose picking. When I stopped her with a Kleenex I realized she had smeared it across her face and into her hair. Good stuff.

About a year ago one of us told Emily, "Every time you pick your nose, a kitten dies." I'm not naming names, but does this sound like MY humor to you!? She was super young and didn't get it (Thank God). However, we still make dying kitten meows every time she starts digging. She has no idea why we do this. We think we're hysterical.

Blowing your nose is one of those basic things that's easy to do, but apparently not so easy to teach. Much like spitting after brushing your teeth. Em is great at putting her nose into a Kleenex or leaning over the sink and making a "Ch!" noise... And that's about it. There's no blowing. No spitting. She's just pretending to do what she's supposed to be doing. It's a start and she'll figure it out eventually. She'd better... Kittens are dropping like flies around here!


  1. Think I just p'd myself, I am laughing so hard. I love childhood logic.

  2. Haaaaaaaa!! I'm laughing out loud :D