Friday, June 25, 2010

A Shopping Story

I look like a mom, don't I? I like to think that when I'm not towing my 2-year old around people might not know it, but the fact remains that I wear comfortable flats, pony tails and a purse that may actually be too large for an overhead compartment. I may as well be wearing mom jeans.

On a recent shopping spree, I noticed that the trendy boutique salesclerks were noticeably less attentive than they used to be. I understand, of course. We have very little to discuss other than whether you can get me a dressing room. I can't even compliment you on your white denim skinny pants because I honestly don't understand how white denim is in style again. One of them asked me if I was shopping for a gift. Do I really look like I don't belong in here at all?? How does she know I'm not into giant belts and platform heels?!

Alright, fine. I'm not.

But occasionally I like to pretend that I wear something other than T-shirts and Capri pants (I don't) and that I don't find Disney stickers on my clothing at night (I do). While in the dressing room, I did a quick check in the mirror -- No stickers, no chocolate milk stains... What gives? Then I see it... It's a look (right next to the tiny eye wrinkles) that says, "This is my mini-vacation and I'm just here to zone out for a while." I recognize it in other shoppers now, too. That slowly walking, slightly dazed shopper who has no idea what she's shopping for? She's a mom. She left her kids at home and she's reorienting herself with how to shop for fun versus shopping for something she needs in the 15 minutes she has to find it.

I walked in without a shopping list and didn't even know where to start. It was actually kind of nice to be left alone while I wandered aimlessly looking at the trends I've been too busy to pay attention to. I didn't buy anything at the trendy boutique. I did, however, find some cute new Capri pants and T-shirts at the mall. As long as I have the look, I may as well dress the part.

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